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Schindler of Nanjing -- John Rabe


John Rabe(1882-1950) was born in Hamburg, Germany.He came to China in 1908 for business.He had been in Shengyang,Beijing,Tianjing and Shanghai.From 1931 to 1938,he was the representative of the German Simens Corporation in Nanjing.Being humanitational Committee for Nanjing Safety Zone during the period of Nanjing Massacre. He was elected Chairman of the Committee.He helped protect more than 200,000 lives of the Chinese refugees and was praised as "Schindler of Nanjing".

The air-aid shelter in the courtyard of Mr.Rabe's residence. --- From Rabe's Diaries

    Selection from Rabe's Diaries ( 18 December 1937 )

    At 6 o'clock in the evening when I came back home.I came cross some Japanese soldiers who had climbed over the courtyard wall .One of them had taken off his arm uniform and the leather belt,trying to rape a girl among the refugees.I came over to him and ordered him to get out through the wall over which he had climbed in.

 Thirty unarmed Chinese soldiers were arrested by the Japanese troops from the Safety Zone and killed near an air-raid shelter at a hillock by the burnt Jiaotongmen Gate.This photo was first kept by Rabe.

The destruction scene near Shui Xi Gate.

The destruction scene near Zhong Hua Gate.

The destruciton scene outside Han XI Gate.

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